Hellraiser: Reviewing A Very Bonkers Franchise

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Consider us both perplexed by how the Hellraiser franchise has survived for as long as it has. If you have made it even halfway through these movies, you probably have some questions!

Since we have never shied away from ranking stuff, this is what our 18th episode is all about. What is interesting is that, while there are many rankings out there of Halloween, Friday the 13th, and A Nightmare on Elm Street, the Hellraiser franchise is often left out.

It is a truly odd group of stories. After telling a (mostly) straightforward story about hellish demons that live to torment souls for eternity, the movies eventually veer off into one-off, vignette-style movies that seem to be self-contained. Overall, mileage definitely varies.

Neither of us had seen all of these films, and we have slightly different takes on the franchise overall. It was definitely worth the discussion. Check it out!

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